My Life in Photos

The first day of Spring was in March but it certainly didn't look or feel like it. We spent a lot of time indoors due to the snow we continuously kept getting. Besides working on sewing projects, I spent a lot of time reading, listening to audio books, and watching TV and movies with Adam.

I started the next issue of Runaways. I really enjoy this series and highly recommend it. But the binding on these digest-size books is horrible! Every Runaways book I own (7 now) have pages falling out. I'm a gentle person and make a point of being extra gentle with these books especially. I'm half way through this Runaways book and there's already a handful of pages falling out.

I won a giveaway through Please Deliver To and received some amazing postcards in the mail!

Marshmallow Cones are a sign of Summer for me! I have eaten so many of these with my best friend during the Summer. I spotted these recently but until the weather warms up outside I just can't eat these yet.

The Bulk Barn has Easter sprinkles right now and I so want the Easter Egg Quins. They're adorable!

I have finally noticed some length to my hair this past month. This makes me very happy.

The cats were their normal selves - cute and dorky!

The cats have been taking turns in the bathtub lately. They like to drink the water dripping out of the tap. Seymore consistently has spiky hair because of this. 

Logan's tucked in paws melt my heart.

Like I said, March was full-on Winter here...

How was March for you? Anything fun or exciting happen? I'm looking forward to April and hoping that Spring shows up!
xo Jen

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