If My Blog Was An Outfit

Some fellow lady bloggers have been inspiring me lately. They've been creating outfits inspired by their own blog. An outfit that represents them. I thought this was such a great idea and we were discussing how fun this is over at IGGPPC headquarters. I created an outfit for the IGGPPC blog, well at least for a portion of the blog. It's hard to cover and represent the entire community with one outfit since there's over 5,000 users with interests all over the place. You can check out my post here: If Our Blog Was An Outfit: Marvel.

I wanted to create an outfit for my personal blog as well. This was actually a bit harder because I wanted to include everything I loved which would be a very ugly outfit. So I had to narrow it down... narrow down my interests and loves and how they all work together. I think I came up with the perfect outfit that represents who I am.

If My Blog Was An Outfit

Necklace/Nail Polish/iPhone Case/Tote Bag/Sunnies/Cardigan/Boots/Tank/Skirt/Leggings

This style of outfit is something I wear often. I live in leggings. I actually just bought a back-up pair of my favourite black leggings because I'm afraid I'll wear out the current ones I have. Pairing them with a skirt and either a tank top or t-shirt is my go-to everyday look. Throw in tall riding boots and a long cardigan, and I'm feeling comfortable and cute. 

The X-Men necklace (I own this exact one) and tank top show off my love and obsession for the X-Men universe. The cat tote bag is just too adorable and represents my cat lady status. Plus. this bag is large which I need to carry all my things. And that iPhone case is exactly me - a kitty, ice cream cone, rainbows, and a kawaii cloud! 

And of course I had to include sparkly, pink nail polish! It's pink, it sparkles, and it reminds me of cupcakes and donuts! No matter what the style trend, I will always be partial to large, oversized sunglasses. I can't live without them!

What outfit would your blog be? 
xo Jen

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