Toronto ComiCon Recap

Well my first comic convention of the year is over. It was lots of fun! I talked to so many people, new and old, and sold a lot! But like all convention weekends, I'm now exhausted and need to recover from three days of talking to people constantly and sitting in a dry building. I'll be taking it easy for the rest of the week.

I posted an entire album on my Facebook page of my photos from the convention, including all the great cosplay I saw. Check out the album for more photos!

My table set up was pretty much the same as previous conventions. I always have a hard time setting up because I have a ton of stock at the beginning and it's hard fitting everything out. As the weekend goes on I can spread things out better.

Saturday's outfit consisted of the new Pusheen pin I bought and my Pac-man leggings from Insert Coin Clothing!

On Sunday I wore my Harry Potter t-shirt I received for Christmas. It's so unbelievably cute! Look at Ron's broken wand!

Doctor Who was everywhere! They had a Tardis on site and these fun cardboard cut outs to take photos with.

Giancarlo Esposito is awesome! As usual I tried to get close to the guests to catch a glimpse of them and maybe get a blurry photo of them. Well, Giancarlo looked up when I pulled my camera out and made what I like to call 'duck face' for me and then started laughing afterwards. It was great!

I actually didn't purchase much surprisingly. My partner in crime over the weekend, Mary, picked up this adorable Harley Quinn figure for me on her travels, and I also took home the Pusheen pin pictured further up.

It was a great first convention of the year and it only got me inspired and motivated for the rest of the shows I'm doing this year! My head is buzzing with ideas.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and if you stopped by my table, thank you and it was nice meeting you!
xo Jen

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