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February is a short month to begin with, but with prepping for my first comic convention of the year, the month went by so quickly! I won't lie, February was a fun month but I'm looking forward to Spring. I'm hoping we see some semi-nicer days this month. So far, it's been freezing again but Mother Nature has 19 days to get her stuff together for Spring!

Through IGGPPC, we organized a Valentine swap last month and it was so much fun getting them in the mail! They brightened my day!

And after falling in love with all the Valentine products at Target, I picked up some discounted treats after Valentine's Day! The Vanilla Cupcake popcorn was so good!

I had a few more photos on my camera from our road trip to Hamilton a couple weeks ago. I love driving back home and seeing the Canadian Shield and hilly landscape. It makes for a beautiful view.

Snow has definitely piled up here... There's a snow bank completely surrounding the Costco/Indigo plaza turning their parking lot into a snow fortress.

And then there's the snow bank outside of our building. It's officially taller than me...

I started watching Escaflowne last month. I'm about 10 episodes in and I'm really enjoying it so far.

A few days ago me and Adam went to our favourite second-hand store here and I found this game for $5. Did anyone else watch the Pucca episodes online years ago?

Seymore is currently fighting a cold and Logan has been sneezing more than normal today. I really hope he doesn't get as bad as Seymore. My poor kitties. I think they need some fresh, Spring air too.

It's been decided, I'm starting up a superhero team with Emily!

How was February for you?
xo Jen

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