Crafty Updates

March is almost over which means I only have two months to get ready for my next convention, Niagara Falls Comic Con. I have lots of sewing to get done. And this will be the first con I do a bit differently. I've always used a wide range of fabrics and all the bags I bring are different. I rarely have duplicates of one design. But after selling out at every show of certain fabrics instantly, I'm going to make a few bags and pouches with the same fabric. So some of the more popular fabrics (ahem.. Doctor Who....) will be available on more products. Which means I have lots of sewing to do!

I've been working on pouches recently and have about 30 ready for sewing.

One of my favourite things is stocking up on new sewing supplies. It's such a nice feeling opening up a parcel with 100 assorted zippers! Logan became very interested in my zipper parcel and decided he was going to try lying on them.

I updated my Etsy shop with some leftover pouches and tote bags recently. I still have a few more pouches and pillowcases to be added.

Etsy Updates:

I hope you're having a great weekend! I'm heading to work this afternoon and then I have a date with my sewing machine tomorrow.
xo Jen

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