What I'm Loving Now

My first comic convention of 2014 is in one month so most of my spare time has been spent cutting, sewing, and ironing new products for the show. Because of this, I've been flying through audio books and my re-watch of the Gilmore Girls series. Here's some things I love this week...

An Abundance of Katherines

I finished up this audio book a few days ago. I had never heard of it, but because it was written by John Green I thought I'd give it a chance.

It was a great book. It was different than the other books of his that I've read. It didn't focus on love between two characters. But focused more on the main character and his adventure to find himself and to find out what it means to matter. Certain parts were very inspiring and I really enjoyed how they worked so much math into the story.

The Fault in Our Stars

The first John Green audio book I listened to was The Fault in Our Stars. This book is what made me fall in love with John Green's writing. I find I get attached to his characters quickly. They have real flaws and seem incredibly personable. And the way his writing describes the characters and their feelings, thoughts, and actions, just draws me in.

I was initially turned off by the subject of TFIOS but a friend insisted I read it. Well, I did and I fell in love with it. As someone who's been diagnosed with cancer and went through a time in my life where I was at doctor's appointments constantly, dealt with treatment and all the side effects, this book hit me hard. I had a 'good cancer', which is what my doctor said, and luckily I'm cancer-free today. But certain things that Hazel Grace (the lead female) feels and says about her illness, went through my head at some point. How her relationship with her parents is affected, was similar to my experience. Random points throughout this story caused emotional memories and feelings for me.

But the book isn't just that, which is what my friend had tried to explain to me. It's inspiring. And not because the characters find love while sick. But because they keep living. They don't give up. Whether you've dealt with cancer first hand or not, there's a really positive message in this book.

The trailer for the movie adaptation has been all over the Internet and I will admit, it made me tear up. I don't know how the movie will differ from the book and if it'll affect me differently. But I have a feeling I'll be doing some ugly crying when I see it.


When am I not eyeing up dresses on ModCloth?!? They put together this Comic Book Sweetheart look for Valentine's Day and I'm completely in love with it all!

What's caught your eye lately? Read anything or watch anything great?
xo Jen

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