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January was a super quick month for me. We went back to Hamilton at the beginning of the month for a wedding and then my parents came up for a visit for a few days. So between that, work, and prepping for my first comic con of the year, it was a busy month.

I rang in 2014 with the kitties since Adam had to work. I spent my evening drinking tea and coffee and eating chocolate cupcakes that I received for Christmas. It was a relaxing night in.

Snow just keeps on showing up here, but I have to admit that it is pretty. I love the snowy, hilly landscape in Sudbury.

Our drive home from Hamilton was filled with a lot of blowing snow.

I broke into my Gingerbread coffee that I got for Christmas. It's so good!

When my parents came up we went out for brunch at Tutti Frutti. Their crepes are amazing.

I fell in love with all the Valentine-themed goodies I kept finding. I really want this Star Wars book by Katie Cook.

And look at the washi tape and stickers at Target!

The cats continued to be cuddly all month. They were excited but also weirded out to have company over. It was pretty cute how Logan followed my Dad around.

Seymore was a huge fan of the paper bag my Dad brought in with him.

How was January for you? Any big plans for February? I have some things to look forward to this month. A couple of birthdays to celebrate, Valentine cupcakes to make, and lots more sewing!
xo Jen

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