Mail Day

Back before Halloween I received a message from Sarah Jean, the sweet and adorable owner of Synapse to Synapse, asking for my address. Clearly this peaked my curiosity and I was excited to receive my surprise in the mail!

Not only was the envelope covered in awesomeness, but it was also filled with the best goodies!
Synapse to Synapse

How cute are the cupcake liners?! This little red-headed witch is going to be my inspiration for my Halloween costume next year!
Synapse to Synapse
Synapse to Synapse

I was in utter shock when I opened up the Synapse to Synapse box to find my very own cross stitch Wolverine necklace! It's so perfect and I love that it combines my love of X-Men and also crafting. I feel so special when I wear it!
Synapse to Synapse

I've worn the necklace a few times now and I tried taking some photos wearing it about a month ago and well, I'm still inexperienced with the whole taking photos of myself thing, so they didn't turn out too great. I enlisted Adam to help me with a couple of pictures last week so I could finally share this necklace!! I had to pull out my bright blue tank top and yellow cardigan for the photos because Wolverine's blue and yellow suit is my favourite!
Synapse to SynapseSynapse to Synapse

Make sure to check out the Synapse to Synapse shop! She has the cutest geeky, cross stitch stockings right now!
xo Jen

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