I've been adding items to my Etsy shop fairly consistently since the beginning of September. I wanted to make sure that it was stocked for the holiday season. But now that it's December, it's hard to say how many more holiday gifts will be purchased since so many buyers are from outside of Canada and I can no longer guarantee delivery by December 24th.

BUT that doesn't mean you can't buy a little something for yourself or to get a head start on someone's birthday gift. So I'm offering 10% off any order until January 1, 2014 using the code: HOLIDAY2013

I recently added a bunch of zipper pouches of all sizes to Etsy. These are just some of them:

Finished pouches! They just need to be photographed and then they'll get added to my Etsy shop!
Adventure Time Pouch
Star Wars Pouch
DC Ladies Pouch
Captain American Pouch

I've also started cutting out some new tote bags. As I finish them, I'll be adding them to Etsy over the next couple of weeks. I also have some pillowcases to be added to the shop. You can keep updated on when I add new listings to my Etsy shop through my Facebook page.

Working on new tote bags and a custom order!

It's been a great holiday season on Etsy so far! Thank you to everyone who has placed an order with me <3
xo Jen

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