What I'm Loving Now

Well we had our first 'snow storm' yesterday. I put it in quotations because we didn't get much accumulation but the roads were hell! There were so many car accidents and it just snowed for like 8 hours straight. Today, the sun is out but the winds are strong and we're sitting at -22 degrees Celsius. To say it's cold in my place is an understatement. You can feel a draft coming from every window. I'm wearing layers and the cats are snuggled in blankets, together, on the couch.

Anyways, onto my current obsessions...


With the weather turning freezing and snowy this week, Pusheen's newest cartoon is one of my favourite things right now!


I finished the second book in the Divergent trilogy earlier this week. I listened to the audio book version of Insurgent and I can't express how perfect Emma Galvin's voice is as 'Tris'. But the book... oh man. I was hooked pretty quickly when I started the second book. The story picks up right where Divergent ends and the action just starts quickly. And how Insurgent ends... damn. I cannot wait to start on Allegiant! And my excitement to see Divergent in theatres next Spring keeps getting stronger as I grow more and more attached to the characters. 

Short Bangs
Surprised? I'm guessing not. My side bangs from late summer have grown into awkward layers. My hair colour has faded to a gross orange. I'm so not loving my hair. But I want to grow it out. I'm itching to try really short bangs though... something to frame my face when I put my hair in a pony. But I can't decide if they'd be more or less work than side bangs. Ugh!

I hope your weekend has been lovely so far! I've spent mine Christmas shopping, watching Christmas movies, and organizing the Holiday Card Swap over at IGGPPC. Oh and I'm listening to Christmas music right now. Can you tell I love this season?

xo Jen

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