Halloween Parties

After spending the last two days racking my brain on coming up with a cheap and easy Halloween costume and also searching through numerous stores, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I did decide on a super easy and cute costume for the last minute Halloween party we're attending this upcoming weekend (it's only last-minute because of our work schedule changes, not because we were invited last minute).

Searching online for costume ideas has left me wanting more geeky clothing and pretty clothing that's My Little Pony-inspired. And the baking and DIY ideas make me want to throw my own Halloween party! Here are a few things I'm loving for Halloween parties.

Halloween Parties

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Once my costume is on and finished on Saturday, I'll snap some pictures to share. It's nothing too difficult, but it's very me!

We have plans to carve our pumpkin tomorrow evening and I bought a few last minute Halloween decorations over the weekend so even though we won't be having any company this week, our place will be decorated for the holiday!

xo Jen

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