Style Inspiration

Back when I saw The Wolverine in theatres, I had mixed feelings about the movie. It looked great, Hugh Jackman was awesome as Wolverine again, and the feel of the movie seemed really accurate to the storyline in the comics. As usual, they really played around with some of the other characters and changed things. And as a big Wolverine fan and having read the comics that this movie was based on, it bothered me a bit.

But one of my favourite things about the movie was the character Yukio. Her background story was changed and her appearance is a bit different than the character in the comics, but I really loved her. She was a badass female that I liked instantly. The look they gave her was so perfect for her personality.

I adored her bright red hair and blunt bangs. And because of my weakness for skirts and boots, I just loved her wardrobe.  
I have a pair of tall black boots that I love. I'll definitely be letting Yukio's wardrobe inspire me throughout Autumn and Winter when pairing them with skirts. 
My boots, black tights or thigh high socks, and short skirts may come out for when I want to feel a little more badass. 
xo Jen 

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