Guest Post: Shark Week

Hey guys! I'm in Hamilton getting ready for Fan Expo Canada tomorrow. Sarah, my adorable cousin, wanted to share a a Shark Week recap on my blog. Enjoy!

Shark Week - Aug 4-9, 2013

Hello Shark Week; Goodbye reality. Haha not exactly but I do love coming home from work, snuggling in my blanket (with my kitties of course) and watching some epic shark television. Sharks are very fascinating and intelligent creatures, not to mention scary as hell! Who doesn’t love a good nightmare?!
I’d say that it was a pretty good shark week. Unlike last year where it was quite disappointing because of reruns, and very little shark shows were being played. However, the one thing that I am disappointed, or more or less frustrated with, is the cruel joke Discovery played on their fans. Discovery played this seriously EPIC “documentary” about the Megalodon. For those of you who do not know what the Megalodon is, well it is this gigantic prehistoric shark that existed a million years ago or so. It is said to be about 60 feet long, teeth roughly 7 inches long, and would eat anything roaming the waters (including other sharks). Needless to say, it’s pretty insane. So getting back to topic, Discovery played a documentary called Megalodon: The Monster Shark. It was about a fishing boat that had sunk and the crew on the ship had disappeared. When the rescue team came looking for the crew members, they end up coming across this “lost footage”. Now, at first it did seem a bit fake but as the show went on, it really drew the audience in and made you believe in this magnificent beast. At the end of this show there were some words FLASHED by really QUICK. Well this was all fake. FAKE! After all that, getting super stoked, thinking that maybe the beast still exists, it turns out it was all fake. I guess that’s television for you.

On another note, this year I was prepared for shark week. Prepared? No, I am not going into the ocean with sharks but I do have some cute shark gear I wanted to show off. My goal this year was to wear a shark related article of clothing for every day during shark week. Thank you to my lovely sister who got me some pretty sweet shark swag and thank you to Rachel Bradford who made the beautiful Jaws Inspired skirt that I wore on day 4!

Overall, if you’re a fan of sharks, and if you don’t already, I do recommend you PVR shark week on Discovery.  So what have I learned from all of this? One, don't trust everything you see on television, and two, sharks are just like humans; we are very territorial, we try to live our life in peace but when we feel threatened we turn on our defense mechanism, and some are just off the wall crazy!

You can find Sarah over on her tumblr, A Day in the Life of a Sharpie!

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