What I'm Loving Now

I just finished watching the third season of Pretty Little Liars. This show is such a guilty pleasure for me. I honestly don't really know anyone else who watches it. It's just so addicting and this season was no different. As usual, I was hooked within a few episodes. It's the whole not trusting all the characters' innocence that gets to me. I have to keep watching episode after episode to know what's going to happen!

Me and Adam are also re-watching the first season of Archer since he got it on blu-ray. That show is so hilarious and if you haven't watched it, do it! When I initially started the show, I was iffy on it but after a few episodes and getting to know the characters, I loved it. It's such a funny show and I'm picking up even more hilarious lines watching it a second time.

Ok, I know you're all probably so annoyed with my hair talk because I feel like every two months I'm itching for a change. I'm back on a bangs kick. I blame Veronica Mars... damn her sassy side bangs in season two! I think I've finally decided that I'm going to get them at the end of August. I figure I can handle them for a few weeks during the end of summer. And then I'll be able to enjoy them in the Fall without a sweaty forehead.

Since moving, we've been shopping at a different grocery store because apparently moving 5 hours up North means we don't have the same grocery stores up here... a few of them are the same and then there are a couple I've never heard of. But the store we ALWAYS shopped at, isn't up here. Anyways, the store we've been shopping at carries these Japanese Buns. When I found them in the bakery the first time I was so excited. I've tried two different types now and they are delicious! They're cheap too at only 99 cents a piece. It's a yummy treat that's not overly sweet.
Coconut Bun
The most delicious treat I found at the grocery store today. It had a creamy coconut filling! 

Custard Bun
  Today's treat: custard bun!! #nomnomnom #utanebread #japanesebun

I came across this song on the weekend and it's basically been on repeat all week... it's so upbeat and dancey and catchy. I love it and it will be on my iPod for my next drive down to Hamilton so I can do some car dancing!

Abandon - Feel It In Your Heart

What have you been loving lately?
xo Jen

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