Weekly Adventures

So last week was Canada Day and I was really lucky to see some fireworks. Adam worked all day so I didn't know if we'd be going out but he was up for heading to the lake. After finding parking and walking over to Lake Ramsey, we located the perfect spot along the lake to set up our chairs. We didn't know what to expect of the Science North fireworks but we were very happy with them once they started! They had some really big ones and they looked so pretty over the water because of the reflection.
Canada Day Fireworks
Canada Day Fireworks
Canada Day Fireworks

This past weekend I went to Hamilton to stay at my parents'. Since my birthday is this upcoming Saturday, I celebrated with friends and family over the weekend. It was a hot weekend so I went swimming a couple of times and we had barbecues, a bonfire, and just enjoyed the weather. This was the sky above my parents' house on Saturday night. It was gorgeous!

On Sunday I went to Pacific Mall with a couple of friends. We stocked up on Pocky and other treats. We also drank lots of bubble tea (which only made my popping boba addiction worse) and ate crepes!
Treats at Pacific Mall... I'm addicted to popping boba!

This week has been productive so far for us. We set up our new aquarium yesturday and got a few fish today. We'll be picking up the rest of the fish on Saturday. It's so peaceful watching the fish swim around.
Aquarium set up with a few fish so far.. We still have to add a few more plants and about 5 more fish and a couple of dwarf frogs.

On Monday we announced our first Instavideo Challenge for IGGPPC! I posted my first video today. It's a bit more nerve-racking since it's video but I will admit, it only took 3 takes for me to feel comfortable with my Intro video! Day 5: Dance Party should be interesting...
Instavideo Challenge on www.geekgirlpenpals.com #IGGPPC #iggppc10v

I'm excited for this upcoming weekend and my birthday. I don't have any crazy plans - just a morning at the market, buying more fish for the aquarium and then we're going out for dinner.
xo Jen

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