Pink Lemonade Love

Summer is here and making itself known! We have been under a heat advisory for three days now and temperatures have been hitting the 40 degree mark with the humidity. I have been drinking so much water, iced tea, and iced coffee. But one thing I've been craving is lemonade, particularly pink lemonade. Grocery shopping is on my to-do list today so I will definitely be picking up ingredients and possibly some frozen concentrated cans of it.

Pink lemonade is one of my favourite cold drinks and it holds memories for me from our honeymoon. We spent our honeymoon in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and the resort had slushy machines everywhere! They were filled with delicious, non-alcoholic, cold slushy drinks.... there was pina colada, strawberry daiquiri, and pink lemonade! I drank so much of these and now if I have any one of those drinks I instantly think of laying on the beach or wearing a sundress and sitting at one of the bars on the resort when the sun went down.

A pink and yellow sundress is the perfect thing to wear while sipping iced cold lemonade!

I have found a few recipes through Pinterest for pink lemonade treats... I have a plan to make one of them next week... but I'm also drooling over the thought of these:

Pink Lemonade French Macaroons

Pink Lemonade Fudge
Though, that pretty pink fudge is made with this frosting.... and of course it's only available in the U.S. I wish Canada had a wider range of food products like the U.S. I would have made this fudge by now!!

Pink and yellow are two of my favourite colours and I so want to have a 'Pink Lemonade' themed party one day. It'd be the perfect theme for a summer party!

What are your favourite summer drinks?
xo Jen

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