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July is over and it was a very busy but fun month! I celebrated my birthday, I had my Aunt, Uncle, and 3 cousins come stay with us for a few days, I headed back to Hamilton for two weekends, and me and Adam continued to explore Sudbury. 

We've been continuing our Bell Park walks. I went one morning on my own and came across a huge family of Canadian Geese.
Bell Park

We took an evening walk when my Aunt and her family came up to visit and though it was chilly, it was a beautiful evening. The water looked gorgeous.
Bell Park
Bell Park

We also checked out Dynamic Earth when they were up. They had a dinosaur exhibit going on. It was fun but also a little stressful. We did the mining tour and going 65 feet underground and walking through mines was slightly claustrophobic for me.... Dynamic Earth
Dynamic Earth
Dynamic Earth
Dynamic Earth

We also spent a lot of time at Moonlight Beach this month. It has easily become one of my favourite places here. The beach is huge and the water is amazing. I need to spend at least a few more days there in August.  Beach time!
Moonlight Beach
Moonlight Beach

Surprisingly we only had ice cream once but the cones were huge!
Ice cream! #nomnomnom

We hit up a breakfast place when my Aunt was up and holy crap was it good! The servings were insanely huge and everything was really yummy! My crepe was gigantic. I shared it with three other people and I still left some on the plate.
Day 2: Yum - Breakfast crepe #iggppc30d2 #iggppc  #nomnomnom #latergram

I see some amazing sunsets from the craft room. This one was a favourite of mine because it turned the sky into cotton candy.

Of course I have to share some photos of my kitties. They did a lot of lounging this past month because of the heat.
Seymore and Logan

Logan's been my craft room buddy. My craft room buddy today. He always crosses his paws when he's lounging like this. #catsofinstagram #blackcat

And well, Seymore is just a big lazy fart. He likes sleeping on his back, which makes me rub his belly. Kitty bellies are a weakness of mine!
I've only been away one day so far but I miss this farthead <3 #gingerkitty

How was July for you? Do anything fun or interesting? I'm looking forward to August. I have three different sets of guests coming up to visit us. And I have to sew my ass off for Fan Expo!

xo Jen

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