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Where do I start?!?! Though, June was a busy month between unpacking, sewing, and exploring our new city, I did spend a lot of time watching TV, reading comics, and drinking tea!

Since we had to pack and scramble like crazy in May to get things organized for our 5 hours away move, I missed out on a lot of season finales. But as of last night, I'm caught up! I just finished up Grimm and Elementary, and holy crap, good season finales! I'm so excited for the new seasons of both of those shows!

I also started watching Call the Midwife. My Nan had recommended it to me a while ago but the cover of the boxset and the plot description wasn't really grabbing me. So after finishing a season of Doctor Who, I thought I'd give Call the Midwife a try. I'm soo happy I did! It's a great show. The actors are wonderful and the story lines are really interesting. I have one episode left of the first season and I can't wait to get my hands on the second season. 

I also feel like I'm flying through comics lately. Maybe it's because I read on the treadmill and I've been trying my hardest to use our treadmill a few times a week. I finished The Runaways Volume 5 (such a good series), continued reading a lot of X-Men and also read Lost at Sea finally. Lost at Sea was adorable and touching and I really liked it (and not just because of the cats in it!).
Bedtime reading #XMen #comics #proteus
I'm finally starting Lost At Sea <3

Just before we moved, Adam brought home a new Pop! Vinyl toy to add to my collection. My addiction to these toys is ridiculous and there's still so many more that I want... My Little Pony and TMNT just to name a few!!
The Mr. brought me home a gift today! #LSP #PopVinyl #AdventureTime

A great, and dangerous, thing about our new place is that there's a Teavana in our nearby mall. I've been twice and came out with a large tin of tea each time... see, dangerous! They've had samples of iced tea and I've received lots of tips and instructions on how to make my own at home. So that's what I've been doing constantly!
Iced teas for summer <3 #teavana #teaaddict

Oh, and rock sugar has seriously changed my life. Thank you Teavana! Right now, I'm sitting at the computer drinking homemade iced tea... it's a really yummy obsession!

xo Jen

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