When I haven't been exploring our new city or working on International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club, I've been busy sewing new products for upcoming comic conventions. I have two more this convention season and I'm really excited for both of them.

These are some of my finished products from the last month:

New Pillowcases
Finished pillowcases! And I'm done my con prep for ConBravo!

Today's finished pouches! They just need to be ironed and priced for ConBravo!  #conprep #DoctorWho #StarWars #ghostbusters
More finished pouches - all of them have square bottoms. #conprep #TMNT #starwars #batman
One more set of pouches to go for ConBravo! #tmnt #pokemon #conprep

This is new fabric that I bought recently and I love it!
I'm so excited about these Adventure Time pouches!! #AdventureTime #LSP

Finished throw pillows! They'll be up in my Etsy shop over the next week! #geek #ghostbusters #harrypotter #batman

Tote and Hobo Bags
Some finished bags for ConBravo! I've been using up some scraps from the sheets I cut up. #ghostbusters #harrypotter #tmnt
Finished hobo bags for ConBravo! #geek #marvel #elvis #cupcakes

Kitty Kickers
Kitty kickers ready for ConBravo! #geekycats

This upcoming weekend is my next comic convention, ConBravo! I've never done it before so it'll be interesting to see what it's like. It's so nice that it's in Hamilton so I don't have to drive far from my parents' house. I'll be sure to take lots of photos over the weekend!


If you're going to ConBravo! this weekend, come find me in Artist Alley!

xo Jen

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