My Life in Photos

It's been almost one month since we moved up to Sudbury. It's been a fast month and a very busy one too. We finally went swimming at Lake Ramsey the other day and we're continuing to explore and check everything out. My Mom came up last weekend for a couple of days and we spent a lot of time driving around. We found Dynamic Earth (part of the Science Centre here) which is the home of the Big Nickel. We had quite the view of the city from there which was really nice. Oh and we also went on a moose hunt, but unfortunately didn't come across any...


Pigtails have become necessary in the heat that has finally hit us!
 It's too hot to wear my hair any other way. #pigtails #redhead

Cupcakes that were at my cousin's stag and doe - s'mores and sundae!
Cupcakes from last night! Mmmmmm... #cupcakes #smores #sundae

I made us a basic cherry chip cake when we first moved in since we were lacking in the 'treat's department. Sprinkles make everything so good!
Cake time!!! #sprinkles

Froyo date on my last visit into Hamilton.
Froyo date!

This has been my view for a lot of June... Veronica Mars and either crafting or my laptop. 
I'm thoroughly enjoying my new craft room... Veronica Mars and Etsy updating time!

Adam has decided to set up an aquarium in our bedroom with some fish so we've been to the pet store a couple of times this month. I found the cutest hamster curled up sleeping during our last visit <3
This hamster at the pet store stole my heart this afternoon <3 #animallover

I'm very happy there's ONE Starbucks in Sudbury. The cool lime refresher was so needed this day. Even the cats wanted some.
The kitties are enjoying my lime refresher as much as me <3 #Starbucks #catsofinstagram

The quick stop me and my Mom made at the Big Nickel/Dynamic Earth.
Big Nickel/Dynamic Earth
Big Nickel
Big Nickel
Big Nickel
Big Nickel

Lake Ramsey has easily become my favourite spot in Sudbury so far. I showed my Mom the boardwalk and then a couple days later me and Adam went back for a picnic lunch and a quick swim on our 2 year anniversary. We had dinner at home with wine and then went out to see Man of Steel.

Lake Ramsey

Lake Ramsey

Wine with our anniversary dinner <3

It was a really fun month and we have so many other fun activities and events coming up over the next couple of months. I'm also planning on swimming at the lake at least once a week over the summer. It's way too beautiful not to.

How was your month?
xo Jen


  1. Love the pictures and those cupcakes look divine!

    Blogging Buddies

  2. Oh My word that Hamster!!! Eek!

    I've seen a picture of the big nickel before, as my friend Nick always stops to take a photo with the 'big things' whenever he does a road trip. There are so many in Canada, we have nothing like that here.

    I'm a relieved for you that there is a starbucks in your new town! I couldn't survive without the one 5 minutes from my house :-)

    Claire x