Hello! I'm writing this post from our new place in Sudbury! The move went well and I'm so thankful it's over with and that it went smooth. We're still unpacking and getting set up but I have a comic convention this weekend so I've had to make sure all my finished products have been found so I can iron them and pack them up.

This weekend is Niagara Falls Comic Con. I haven't done this convention before but I've heard good things so I'm looking forward to it. I'm excited to check out their celebrity guests, specifically Jason David Frank (Green Power Ranger!) and Mick Foley (WWE wrestler).

Some new items that I will have at this convention were made from my Doctor Who Tardis fabric. I made up some pouches and a tote bag. 
Finished pouches for Art-O-Con! #doctorwho #geek #craft

I also made up a large Power Rangers tote bag.

Finished pillowcases:
Finished pillowcases for Art-O-Con.
Pillowcases ready for #NFCC - Day 9: Superhero #iggppc30d #iggppc

Kitty Kickers:
Kitty kickers ready for Niagara Falls Comic Con! #cat #geek #starwars #pokemon

I will also have my new IGGPPC business cards at the convention so if you're attending the show stop by and grab a card or postcard.International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club business cards! Round 4 opens tomorrow! #iggppc

Niagara Falls Comic Con

xo Jen


  1. Glad to hear the move went smoothly! Good luck at the convention- I hope you sell lots of stuff :) xx

  2. Yay you're all moved! Have a super time at the convention :-)