Yesturday was Art-O-Con in Burlington and boy, do I feel like it kicked my butt! haha. Seriously though, I had a busy weekend since Saturday was filled with errands (some fun) with Adam and then I worked until midnight Saturday night. So I was tired to begin with yesturday morning. Add in a 10 hour art/craft show, and I'm physically and mentally exhausted!

Art-O-Con was a ton of fun though! First of all, I loved the venue! It was inside a room at the Holiday Inn in Burlington. It was like 5 steps from a door to the parking lot. This made moving my stuff in and out super easy, and no one had a chance to get lost looking for the show.

They had the Doctor Who society, the X-Men of Toronto, the Ontario Ghostbusters, and Toronto Batman there which made for a super entertaining day. I witnessed Toronto Batman facing off a Dalek, had my X-Men shirt admired by Rogue and Gambit, and just met so many awesome people there!

What I wore:

Kitty kisses before I left.
Me and Logan

My table:
My table

The IGGPPC postcards! Table

The Daleks have arrived!

Toronto Batman vs. a Dalek Toronto Batman vs. a Dalek #artocon

Stay Puft!!
The Ontario Ghostbusters

I picked up a sprinkle necklace from Wolf and Squid which I love! My new sprinkle necklace from Wolf and Squid <3

It was such a great show! And now I'm even more pumped for my upcoming comic conventions!

xo Jen

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