Mail Day

I have been receiving the best things in the mail lately! Every time I receive a post office slip for me to go pick up a package I pretty much skip across the street (yes, my post office is that close) to get my surprise.

I received an amazing package from Darling Stewie with the cutest TMNT stationary and some sweet stickers... I cannot get over how cute her designs are. 
Awesome mail day!! #DarlingStewie #iggppc

And then completely out of the blue I received an Easter package filled with candy and chocolate from Kristy! I was in shock and also drooling while I opened it up. She seriously spoiled me! I would have felt extremely guilty opening this since I hadn't sent her a package recently... but I have a bunch of stuff purchased and set aside for her. I just don't feel it's finished though.
Today was such a great mail day! @indiegirlkristy spoiled me! #iggppc

And then Arielle (@ToastyTreat) sent me this awesome perler bead Lumpy Space Princess and a letter that written as if LSP wrote it... I laughed out loud while reading the entire letter. This was such a lovely package!
LSP!!! The most amazing letter and gift from @ToastyTreat #IGGPPC

I've been searching stores for some cute package add-ons and I came across the sticker jackpot at my nearby dollar shop.
Picked up some things for packages going out! #iggppc #candy #stickers

I'm so excited to finish putting together some of my packages to get them sent out. It's made mail so exciting!!

xo Jen


  1. I LOVE seeing what people receive and send in the mail, especially when it is all as cute as this!

  2. What fantastic packages! I just snort laughed at writing that, because in the UK (not sure about Canada) "package" in slang for, erm, boy parts.... All your goodies are much prettier than boy parts though :p

    I'm really jealous you got sent Peeps. We don't have those over here (although I think they have gelatine in so I couldn't eat them anyway, sadly). xxx

    1. Haha... yes, we sometimes refer to boy parts as 'packages' here too. I tend to use the word 'bits'. Boy bits and lady bits.

      Peeps are delicious but they do have gelatine in them :(

  3. What lovely bits you've got there!

    The last thing to come through the mail to me was a phone bill and a bank statement. Splendid!

    Thanks for sharing these little pleasures.

    Take care! Xx

  4. I can't wait to be paired up with my pen pal so I can start gathering stuff!