ComicCon Outfits

The Internet has definitely made me feel more normal... what I mean is that twitter, facebook, and the blogs that I read have introduced me to a ton of geek girls who wear their geek clothes proudly and have a love of fashion. Personally, I don't have many people in my life who have the same geeky interests, but also a love of skirts, accessories and jewellery. Some of my favourite ladies online are all about geek fashion and inspire me constantly, like Darling Stewie and Super Space Chick!

I try to have an idea of what specific items I want to wear to the comic conventions I attend, especially if it's a new item or handmade. So these are my outfits that I wore for Toronto ComicCon.

Day 1 (photos were taken after each con day at home because the lighting is horrible inside the Toronto Convention Centre, and that is also why there's kitties at my feet)

ComicCon Outfits
ComicCon Outfits
ComicCon Outfits
Cardigan - Old Navy
Tank top - Old Navy
Wolverine necklace - Etsy
Spider-man skirt - handmade by me
Tights - Target

Day 2

ComicCon Outfits
ComicCon Outfits
ComicCon Outfits

This is the design on my t-shirt:
Source: viaJen on Pinterest

X-Men headband - handmade by me
X-Men t-shirt - Society 6
Skirt - Old Navy
Kitty punching me in the nose - not mine after this incident (haha I still love him)

And after viewing these photos all I can think is that I desperately need a hair cut... whenever my hair gets to this length it seems so blah to me.

I'm also searching for fabric to make another skirt for my next convention in June!

xo Jen


  1. That skirt is so awesome! Loved the outfits and of course your kitties steal the show! :)

  2. Adorable out-fits! I like to mix geek with femine looks as well. Star Wars is my first choice ;) I completely feel the same way about my hair right now too! Once it gets past a certian point it weighs me down.