My Life in Photos

The last couple of weeks have flown by! Christmas is going to be here before I know it. I've been keeping busy with preparing for Christmas... shopping, baking, and decorating our apartment. I've also been shipping off packages constantly which means lots of trips to the post office for me. This year has been my busiest Christmas season yet on Etsy and I've also been doing giveaways and swaps with some online friends. This is my last weekend off until after Christmas. Work is going to kick my butt! I need to have my Christmas gifts and baking finished up by this Thursday because then I work right until Christmas. I have a stack of Christmas movies to watch but that'll be my plans for my evenings after work.

Treats from my U.S. shopping trip!U.S. shopping treats!

Chocolate-covered pear balls ^_^
Treats for The Walking Dead... Chocolate covered pear.

We finally hung up some pictures around the apartment. Hanging pictures around the apartment. #kurthalsey

Etsy orders!!! I'm sad that I finally finished that roll of elephant tape. Boo!
 Packing up Etsy orders and drinking candy cane hot chocolate.

A few pictures of my babies of course... Logan

You can see the scab on Seymore's cheek here. I have no idea what he did but he's all better now. Seymore

It's so hard to get a good picture of Logan with his eyes open but this one turned out good. Logan

Me and Mary finished up a few more headbands for my last craft show. I'm so in love with the Futurama one!

How are your Christmas preparations coming? Do you have a busy month ahead of you?

xo Jen


  1. I love the pictures in your apartment! They're so cute! xo

  2. Love the Kurt Halsey prints, such a fan of his!

    1. I have so many of his prints. I don't have room for all of them unless my walls were covered completely. I have two of his designs tattooed on me!