My Life in Photos

September absolutely flew by! It makes sense though, considering we moved on the 1st, we had a wedding to attend, I had Supercrawl and TIFF to go to, and we needed to unpack and start organizing our new apartment. It's our second month back in Hamilton and we're already back into a regular routine with work and our social lives. The majority of the apartment is unpacked and it's definitely feeling like home here.

Wedding Heels
 Home from the wedding. Goodbye heels.

My shelf is filled!
 This shelf is filled with happiness. #PopVinyl #MLP #toygeek

The kitties are finding new places to sleep... Seymore's found a new sleeping spot. #nintendo #gingerkitty

We were without a couch for almost 3 weeks so the cats had to share our only chair during nap time, unless Seymore was snuggling with the GameCube. Seymore and Logan
Seymore and Logan

With Davids Tea releasing their Fall tea line, I had to place an order for some of them. Davids Tea
Davids Tea
Pumpkin Chai is my favourite! I received it 2 years ago and totally fell in love with it. The Toasted Marshmallow tea is also really good. It's not as sweet as I expected but look... there's mini marshmallows in it! I haven't tried the Banana Nut Bread yet.
 Why yes, my tea does have mini marshmallows in it. #DavidsTea

October looks to be just as busy as September, if not busier... I had a craft show last weekend, Thanksgiving is this weekend, I have a large cupcake order for next week, Art Crawl, a Toronto Zoo trip, and then Halloween!

How are you enjoying Fall so far?
xo Jen


  1. The banana nut bread is sooo good. I wish I could drink the Pumpkin Chai because it smells amazing.

    What did you see during TIFF?

    1. I tried the banana nut bread. It is good! The smell is amazing.

      I never ended up seeing any movies at TIFF... just tried to catch glimpses of celebrities!

  2. That tea looks delicious, and your kitties are too cute.