Mail Days!

Where did this week go??

Tonight I'll be going to the final James North Art Crawl of the season. I have a booth again and I'm excited to bring some of my new products! It'll be a chilly night but I'm looking forward to seeing some friends and talking to some new people.

I've had some pretty great mail days over the past week. I purchased a book for a close friend a little while ago for a gift. It was the cutest book with marshmallow recipes, Marshmallow Madness!... it shows you how to make marshmallows and then there are recipes using marshmallows. We have a mutual love for marshmallows so I thought it was perfect. Then I came across a giveaway through the Charmios facebook page for the same book. So I of course entered... and then won!

I won this in a giveaway! Thanks Charmios!
The cover of the book is puffy and the pictures inside are drool-worthy!

Then yesturday, I came home to my new Ript Apparel t-shirt! I cannot wait to wear it!I was so happy to get this in the mail today!! #riptapparel #geek #powerpuffgirls

I love getting packages in the mail! I have a swap set-up with Katie of Hook, Line & Sink Her, which I'm so excited for! That'll be a great mail day!

Have a great weekend!
xo Jen


  1. Eep! I am so excited about our swap :) Having a good look through the David's Teas site to try and pick my favourites - there are so many tasty sounding ones to choose from! Is quite late here so may email back in the morning when I'm less sleepy :)

    That marshmallow book sounds incredible! Well done for winning too- must've been a lovely surprise :) xxx

  2. Good luck @ the art crawl! Hope it isn't too freezing.

    And cheers to the shirt, it is so adorable!