My Life in Photos

The weeks have been flying by and summer is almost over. This month is going to go by quickly since I'm still prepping for Fan Expo, which is at the end of the month, and then a week later we're moving. It's going to be crazy.

I just need kitty ears now. #nerd #hellokitty
A late birthday present... Hello Kitty glasses!
A spur of the moment picnic when we went to Hamilton last. Ontario Blueberries Sitting on his butt like Seymore. #catsofinstagram #blackcat
He's learning from Seymore how to sit on his butt... Seymore Logan
This just melts my heart.
Evening Walk
There were a few Canadian geese along the path one evening. Evening Walk
And then we were being surrounded... Evening Walk Evening Walk Evening Walk Evening Walk
You can see the moon already. Just waiting for the parents to show up so we can go out for dinner. Drive-in
We decided to go to the drive-in last night. We saw The Watch and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Both movies were alright. Nothing amazing but not a waste of money either. We just wanted to finally go to the drive-in out here since we'll be moving soon. Richard Ayoade (Moss from The IT Crowd) was probably the best part about The Watch. The movie had its funny moments but it wasn't super great. I enjoyed Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter more than I expected. The actors were alright and the fighting kept me entertained. I just kept calling Abe's wife Ramona (from Scott Pilgrim). 
Drive-in Drive-in
Swirling my tea... Secret Weapon by Davids Tea Intermission #drivein
They had the best retro intermission cartoons. I ended up with a few bug bites, but overall it was a great night.

How is your week going? Have any fun summer activities planned? Besides a couple of barbecues at my parents' and maybe possibly hitting up Festival of Friends, I doubt we'll be doing much for the rest of August. It'll be work, sewing and packing for me.

xo Jen

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