My Life in Photos

I feel old! I was not a fan of my birthday this year because I'm running out of birthdays that keep me in my twenties. Though, it was an awesome birthday. I didn't have to work and I was able to relax and was spoiled with delicious food. I spent a good chunk of my day crafting because apparently I just can't stop and I had a Gargoyles marathon while I sewed. I was then sent to the bedroom later in the afternoon because Adam was taking over the kitchen for my dinner and dessert. This was fun. I normally feel guilty spending too much time online but now I had time to do whatever I wanted. I caught up on podcasts, read tutorials, and fantasized about making huge online purchases. After a wonderful dinner, cake, and presents we spent the evening going for a long walk and then heading out to see The Amazing Spider-man.

My hangout buddy for the afternoon. #catsofinstagram #gingercat Family #Instax #fuji Birthday Dinner Birthday Dinner Me and Hulk. #PopVinyl #marvel Seymore and Hulk Seymore and Hulk Birthday Walk Birthday Walk Birthday Walk Birthday Walk

The Amazing Spider-man was the perfect way to end my day because I loved it! I didn't have very high expectations going into the movie. The previous trilogy ruined Spider-man for me. I just didn't think it could be good. But I absolutely loved Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in it. I'm excited to watch it again.

Have you seen The Amazing Spider-man yet?
 xo Jen


  1. That kitty of yours is too cute! I have plans to watch Spider-Man this weekend, that is if the bf doesn't decide against it! lol

    1. Oh I hope you saw Spider-man. I really liked it. And thank you, Seymore is a cutie and a little brat sometimes ^_^