My Life in Photos

It's been a crazy busy couple of weeks for us. Me and Adam celebrated our first wedding anniversary together on June 25. I had to work that day but I came home to Adam making us homemade pasta for dinner. We had pasta, wine, and ice cream. It was a perfect evening. A couple days later we went to Niagara Falls with my parents for dinner and to walk around the Falls for a bit. It was a wonderful first anniversary.

 Niagara Falls
So hot and humid. My hair has been up most days.

Niagara Falls
I had to take a picture of this guy posing with one leg.

Niagara Falls
American Falls

Niagara Falls
Canadian Falls

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls
It was such an overcast day.

This is happening for dinner. #nomnomnom #pasta
Homemade Pasta

The key to my heart <3 #icecream
Adam knows the key to my heart... ice cream! Both were really good, especially the PB&J!

So fricking hot. #redhead #ginger
I cannot decide if I want bangs again or not. In this heat it seems like a horrible idea but I'm just so unhappy with my hair lately. I've been watching Cougar Town recently and I'm so in love with Busy Philipps hair in the first season with her side bangs.

This past weekend was our long weekend because of Canada Day. We spent the night at my Aunt's trailer. It was so much fun. We went swimming in the freezing cold Lake Erie, had a barbecue, went for a walk and explored an abandoned house, set off fireworks, and then had a bonfire.

Canada Day Cupcake
Adam and Frankie
Canada Day
Canada Day
Canada Day
We look like we're casting spells from our wands.

This week has continued to be hot and humid. I'm working all weekend and it's so hot at work too. I have a feeling my evenings will be pretty lazy over the next couple of days since I'll be sitting in front of the fan at home.

Have a great weekend!

xo Jen


  1. Looks like you really had a wonderful week. About the bangs.. I have mixed feelings about them. I think they look cute on me but they BOTHER me so. I am always brushing them off my face so that they're doomed to never fall the way I need them to when I want them down. Frustrating. You gotta weigh the pros & cons.

    And.. In the photo of the moon over the water, the moon reflection totally looks like a footprint!!


    1. It does look like a footprint!

      Yeah, I might wait until the Fall to get bangs so at least the heat won't make me hate them. I miss them and I love them on everyone!

  2. Happy anniversary. You look cute with your hair up.