My Life in Photos

How the heck is it the middle of June?!? Where did this month go? I guess all of mine and Adam's future prospects conversations have made days fly by. It'll feels like we've gone on a million walks because the weather has been so warm out. I've spotted many ducks out and about and I was able to feed some baby ducklings last week. I went to the movies a couple times already this month. I saw Snow White and the Huntsman and I really liked it. It was a very visually pleasing movie.

You can see part of my insane fabric collection..

Looking way too excited to be headed to an engagement party... it may or may not be because I had some alcohol beforehand and I've turned into a lightweight with my drinking. You can't really see my earrings but they're HUGE. I love them.

Fruit salad with probiotic yogurt. #breakfastfoods
 Kiwis and probiotic yogurt have become my new obsession.

I'm finally liking my hair. I can handle these waves. #ginger #redhead
I got a 'trim' this week... yeah, it's like 2-3 inches shorter. I'm annoyed because I was liking my length recently but I needed the ends trimmed. I need 3 months to go by so I can get back to this length.

Welland Canal
Welland Canal
Welland Canal
Family of Ducks

Today has been a day full of errands and baking for me. Tomorrow is Father's Day and my Grandad's birthday so we'll be heading into Hamilton for some swimming and then dinner. I'm excited to get in my parents' pool.

How is your weekend treating you?
xo Jen


  1. Hope you have a great Father's Day! Here in Spain was in March, so just a regular Sunday for me... pretty much a relaxing one. Have lots of fun! :)

    (Glad to have discovered your blog, I love your pics).

    1. Thank you! I have an obsession with taking photos.

      Father's Day was really good for us. Me and my husband were able to visit with both our dads which was really nice.