Happy Good Friday! Did you have any plans for today or for this weekend? Surprisingly, I have no plans. My side of the family had our Easter dinner earlier this week, and with Adam working all weekend, we are not going to the dinner on his side of the family. I work a small shift tomorrow but that's about it for plans. It's kind of nice though since we're always so busy and driving into Hamilton for family occasions. But not this weekend! I spent today in sweats and makeup-free. I'm going to put together a nice dinner on Sunday for us and maybe make dessert. Today I attempted to make birds' nest cookies. But considering I had no eggs for the middle they looked silly. They're quite yummy though.

Source: bakerella.com via Jen on Pinterest

Source: glo.msn.com via Jen on Pinterest

Cadbury Mini Eggs are my absolute favourite Easter candy. So far I haven't gotten any. I'm pretty sure Adam didn't pick any candy up for me either. I guess that means I'll be heading out Monday for some half price Mini Eggs!

Well, I hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend!

xo Jen


  1. Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter! Love the pixs you choose to use here bright colorful and fun


  3. Sitting around doing nothing sounds awesome! It really is exhausting going around and visiting everyone -we'll spend about two and a half hours driving tomorrow, going to visit my mom and then Aar's dad.

    Hope you have fun and have a good Easter dinner with your guy!

    1. It is exhausting driving to visit family. It is worth it, but sometimes it's nice to have no plans!