My Life in Photos

We've been so incredibly lucky this Winter. We haven't had much snow and there's been a lot of mild days. Living in the Niagara region, however, does gives us a bit more snow than our family and friends back in Hamilton. There were a few days over the last month where we had crazy snow squalls and while I texted friends, they said it was barely snowing in Hamilton. I'm very excited for Spring, which is right around the corner. I cannot wait to wear footless tights and flats with no socks! Anyways, here's my photos from the last month...

 Pillows! #starwars #powerpuffgirls #ghostbusters Crafting supplies! #crafty Cat kickers! #nerd #cat
I've been busy sewing for my first show of the year!

Seymore #gingerkitty Seymore Logan
My baking buddy.

 Ice cream socks! You can see my tat through it too. #icecream #tattoo Stockings
I love when my tattoo shows through socks and nylons.

Logan Sleepy kitty... #gingerkitty
Just so exhausted... hehe

Logan and Seymore I feel more like Ginny with straight hair. #harrypotter #nerd #ginger #red Feeling like a retro housewife in my apron. #retrohousewife
I straightened my hair which was a pain in the butt and made me realize how dead my ends were which resulted in a hair cut...

 I would like a hair stylist everyday thanks! #redhead Winter Storm Winter Storm

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm off to fold laundry and watch the Oscars.
xo Jen

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