Christmas Favourites

Today flew by... probably because it was my first day off after working 10 days straight!! I was very productive though. I baked cookies, a pie, took pictures for etsy, made a leaf garland, and finally tried making bows! But since all of these things were done within the main room of my apartment, I also managed to watch 3 movies and a handful of Gilmore Girls episodes today too. I have to say I'm very thankful I have tomorrow off as well. I might actually venture out into the world to do some shopping and mail off an etsy order. For now I have a couple of treasuries I've made up for Christmas. The reality is, everything I put in a treasury I'd love to own, but my one treasury tonight is a legit wish list for this Christmas.... I will have to forward it to my hubby.
Well I should be off. Adam should be home soon from his hospital shift.
xo Jen


  1. wow 10 days? You desereve a vacation! =)I would be exhausted.
    Great Christmas find. Can you believe that the holidays are just around the corner?!

  2. It does seem crazy that Christmas is around the corner but it makes me so excited! I love this time of year but it goes by too quickly.