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How's your day going? It's cold and rainy here which makes me not want to move off this couch. But I have to be at work for 5 p.m. so eventually I will have to move.

I've been catching up on blogs today and I guess because of my nesting mood I'm loving all the family-related posts from some of my favourite bloggers. Hearing about family outings and holiday plans, and seeing beautiful photos is giving me such a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. I know, my soft, marshmallowy insides are showing through right now. I find these ladies incredibly inspiring. They're talented and creative, they make and share amazing projects and have their own businesses, and they have such strong family values. They definitely provide me with a lot of motivation to where I want to be in a couple of years.

I've been reading Skunkboy Creatures' blog for years and I adore her adorable family. Katie's handmade creatures, hair tutorials, and photos of family outings make her blog one of my favourites. This recent post especially made me excited to have a family one day.

Another Red Velvet Girl's blog I love reading is Rachel's, Smile and Wave. The activities she does with her children and the crafty projects she posts are amazing! I aspire to be at least as half as creative as she is! Her recent posts have been so sweet and I fell in love with photos from a wedding and a family bonfire.

I love reading about Holly's life on Create Loves. She has adorable kids and another one on the way! Her maternity style is so cute and I love reading her recipes. I hope that one day when kids are in my near future I will be as cute as she is!

Well, I must be off to make dinner before heading into work.

Have a great day!

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