A New Beginning

Life has been full of changes this past year. We moved to Welland almost a year ago which has been quite the adventure full of job hunting, lots of trips to Niagara Falls, and a whole lot of walking down the paths surrounding the Welland Canal.

Then there was the engagement, 8 months of wedding planning, the wedding, and finally our honeymoon. We're still waiting on getting our wedding photos but we've been given a few sneak peeks. We ended up at the Punch Bowl Country Market in Hamilton for our photos. If you've never been I highly recommend checking it out. It's beautiful and the market is full of flowers, fruits, and amazing baked goods!

Wedding Sneak Peek

Wedding Sneak Peek

Now that the wedding is over and life is starting to get back to it's regular routine I've been focused on the summer and the events coming up. I just had my birthday last week and it hit me pretty hard that life is definitely not slowing down. I got some amazing gifts, including a Fuji Instax!! I'm in love with it and I'm going to end up spending a small fortune on film! Oh and I've become addicted to Lego Harry Potter which was a gift from the hubby. Between that game and see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, I've become slightly obsessed with Harry Potter yet again. I was also lucky enough to have my husband make me a custom cake. I asked for raspberry and coconut and he made a cake that tastes like a giant jelly roll - yum!

Birthday Cake

Birthday Girl

I'm on a inspirational and creative high lately. I guess that's a good thing since Fan Expo Canada is next month and I need stock for 4 days! I've been sewing constantly and cutting out projects. I'm so excited to finally get things moving again.

Well, it's late and it's back to work tomorrow. These weekends are definitely not long enough...


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