Self Love

My body has endured a lot... cancer, infertility, fertility treatments, miscarriage, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and SO much yo-yo dieting, extreme workouts and binging.

It's also carried me through all those hard times AND carried 2 healthy babies to full-term, fed them, and continues to carry them, hold them, and protect them.

Body positivity is learning to love and respect your body at every stage and treating it that way. But I feel like I've been using "Self Love" as an excuse to eat all the treats, drink all the lattes, and not move my body daily. 

No more.

I need to start moving my body consistently, eating foods that make me feel good, and taking care of my mental health because I respect my body, not hate it.

I know it's going to be a challenge but I know I need to do this. I turned 38 the other day and 40 is looming on me HARD.

So here I am, making myself a promise to put myself first.

xo Jen

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