Summer is Here!

July is THIS week... what?! I feel like summer is already 1/3 over! We didn't have great weather (summer weather) for most of June but it's here now!

This is our last summer before Emma starts school in September. It's crazy and very bittersweet. I look forward to her making friends and so that I can spend some one-on-one time with Lily. But it also means my baby is growing up *tears up*. 

So we're making the most of this summer and have already been to many playgrounds, splash pads, and eaten lots of ice cream!

Our Summer Bucket List:

  • visit lots of playgrounds and splash pads
  • visit different locations for ice cream
  • go camping
  • swim in the lake
  • swim in the backyard often
  • picnic at the beach
  • picnic at park
  • eat on patios
  • Mommy-and-Emma day
  • harvest our veggies and eat straight from the garden

I'm sure we'll add more but I want to make sure we get outside, have fun and make amazing Summer memories! 

What are you hoping to do this summer?

xo Jen

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