Wash Your Face

Do you use whatever bar of soap you have in your shower or near your bathroom sink to wash your face? 

I know that it's super easy to do because it's convenient and cheaper.

But unless that bar of soap is specifically made for face cleansing - using proper ingredients - that bar of soap is going to hurt your skin 
A bar of soap will clean your face, but it will also strip your face of good lipids, which in turn ruins the outer layer of your skin. Not only can this dry the heck out of your face, but it can cause breakouts, irritation, and accentuate your pores and fine lines.
The pH level of a traditional bar of soap is way too high for the skin on your face. The skin on you face needs a proper face cleanser. One that not only cleans, but doesn't strip the top layer of your skin.
Do you use a face cleanser? I have 2 different ones - one to fight breakouts and a more gentle one. I use what my face needs, depending on if I have a breakout or if my rosacea is flared up.
I have friends who have never used skin care products other than a bar of soap and some cheap drug store moisturizer. Please, I beg of you, read the ingredients, make sure they're safe, and buy products meant for your face!
Also, so many bars of soap are full of fragrance and dyes - 2 things that shouldn't be anywhere on your body, never mind your face!
That's today's skin care tip - take care of that skin! It's your largest organ.

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