New Year Intentions

There's only a couple of days left of 2020. What a year. It feels like this past year was multiple years long. Does that make sense? I can't say the entire year was bad or a crap show because we welcomed Lily into the world back in July. She's been the highlight of the year - she's happy and giggly and so freaking snuggly. 

But I'm excited and interested to see what 2021 holds...

I've never been a fan of new year resolutions because I usually end up feeling like a failure. Plus, if we've learned anything this past year, it's that we can't always control what happens and how things play out. 

But I do like the idea of setting intentions or goals; things to focus on or work on but they're not set in stone. 

These are some of my intentions for 2021:
  • find more time to read
  • try to move my body daily for my health 
  • meal plan and eat a balanced diet
  • grow my business
  • get organized

Also, I heard a quote for the new year that I like - 

I don't need to be a new version of myself. I like me. But I do want to continue working on myself in all areas of my life. So a 'better me' is more accurate. I'm itching for my new planner to come in so I can start scheduling things, making lists, and planning out January!

Actually I ended up ordering a planner, meal planner, and budget journal. Yep. That's how serious I am about getting things organized in 2021.

What are some of your intentions and goals for the new year?

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