5 Fandom Friday: Ways to Enjoy Self Care

Ah, self care. It wasn't until I became a Mom that I realized how important it was. I was quickly consumed by my new role in life and my postpartum anxiety that I had to step back and find some ways to take care of myself.

This week's 5 Fandom Friday prompt is incredibly important for everyone's health and it can include such a variety of things because everyone and every mood can dictate a different way to self care; treating yourself to a fancy coffee, getting your hair done, face masks at home, a bubble bath, a big bowl of ice cream.

For me, self care is typically something that involves alone time. Being a stay at home Mom has me going crazy some weeks. The lack of adult communication and being on toddler duty every day can take a toll on my mental health. I love my kid to death and wouldn't trade staying home with her for anything, but there's only so much Paw Patrol and toddler tantrums I can handle before breaking.

1. Leave the house alone. 
This might seem silly or basic but it helps me out tremendously. Whether I'm going for a hair appointment, meeting a friend for lunch, or running to the grocery store solo, having that time alone is priceless and can recharge me. It lets me blare my music, sing along, and not have to keep checking the mirror to see how Emma is doing in the backseat. I can drink a coffee or eat lunch without it going cold or having to share it.

2. Dance party. 
I'm a clean freak and I actually enjoy the act of cleaning. There's nothing better than putting on a favourite Spotify playlist and cleaning the house while Emma naps. I dance, sing, and dust away. I end up in such a good mood since I've accomplished something, got in a little workout, and danced away to upbeat music.

3. Spa night.
I'm a huge fan of face masks, foot masks, and amazing smelling shea butter. Every couple of weeks I'll get into my pajamas as soon as Emma is down for the night, pull my hair up, and do a little spa evening. I usually throw on a face mask, maybe give myself a manicure, moisture my body with a shea butter, and then throw on some super comfy socks. That hour leaves me feeling cozy and relaxed.

4. Read.
If I'm enjoying a book, I get right into it. Like the outside world disappears and I don't want to stop reading. I've been allowing myself time to do this recently and it's so nice. It helps quiet my stress and anxiety and when I put my book down, I feel much more relaxed.

5. Planner. 
I've been using a paper planner for years now. And there's nothing I enjoy more than to sit down with it, some coloured pens, stickers, and a hot coffee to plan out the upcoming weeks. It's soothing, it leaves me feeling organized, and it helps take away some of my mental to-do lists. I usually do this once a week when Emma is napping so I can see what my upcoming week looks like. I've also started using it for dinner planning which has helped too.

What do you enjoy for self care?



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