Yesterday was my birthday. How old? I'll never tell...

It's weird that I hit my birthday slump this year. The last few years my birthdays haven't been anything crazy but I always looked forward to the day and whatever plans I had with Adam. Last year my birthday was extra special because we had just found I was pregnant with Emma. This year, even though we now have Emma, I just didn't care about my birthday.

Maybe next year it'll be different again. Emma will be older and will understand the celebration part a bit more... she'll be able to eat cake and be more active if we have another beach celebration.

I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way about their birthday. I know a few people who'd rather not make a big deal about it. It just feels weird to be apart of that club now.

We ended up having a beach day a day before my birthday due to Adam's work schedule. Well, a beach afternoon anyways. We bought a shade tent on clearance a couple of summers ago and I'm so happy we did. It works well and allows us to hide in shade in between dips in the lake to protect Emma's skin. We dipped her legs in the lake water while we were there and surprisingly she didn't hate it. The water was still quite cold but she just kicked her legs, which is how she typically responds to water.

Because the afternoon went so well and Emma was content splashing in the water and then lounging in the shaded tent, I'm hoping to do a few more beach days this summer. I forgot how much I love being there. The feeling that comes over me swimming in the lake, drying off on the sandy beach and hearing kids play and the food building's oldies music; it brings me back to childhood and a calm washes over me. It's basically an anti-depressant for me. It warms my soul.

My actual birthday was spent inside relaxing. It was a damp and rainy day so it worked out. I cuddled with Emma, did some reading, and started on the second season of Glow. Overall it was a great couple of days with my family.

And since it is still my birthday weekend and I have errands to run today, I might treat myself to an iced coffee to get me through this hot day.

xo Jen

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