Iced Tea

I've been a huge fan of Davids Tea for years now. In the last couple of years I started to make my own iced tea with loose leaf tea from Davids Tea and now I have the ease of taking iced tea on the go with me.

I'm talking about Davids Tea Iced Tea Press. I've been coveting one since they released their new design this year and I finally picked one up!

The directions are super easy:

how to use

Step 1
  • In the outer sleeve, add tea and hot water to the fill line. Fill the inner compartment with ice.
Step 2
  • While your tea is steeping, slide the inner compartment down into the outer sleeve, stopping before the fill line.
Step 3
  • When your tea has finished steeping, slowly press the inner compartment all the way down. Enjoy!

Because I'm going to be addicted to my Iced Tea Press, I need to stock up on teas that are perfect iced!

I've been hitting up my local Davids Tea store to taste all the new teas being sampled and I've fallen in love with a few that I desperately need to pick up:

From top to bottom:
1, Sour Watermelon
2. Rainbow Sherbet
3. Raspberry Mojito - by far my FAVOURITE!

I'm sure this list will get longer as they keep releasing new flavours for summer. I'll be sure to taste test as many flavours as I can! What tea do you recommend iced?

xo Jen

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  1. Game. Changer. I may need to invest in one of these...