My Life In Photos

Spring has been pretty great so far. We went to visit family a couple of weekends ago and we squished in as much as we could - bowling for my brother's birthday, Pokemon Go playing, shopping downtown, heading out for dinner, a Stag and Doe, and just lots of visits with family.

The bowling alley had pretty great shoes.
I picked up a bunch of snacks at Nations Grocery Store.
It was gorgeous weather all weekend.
Spring has been a little delayed here but our snow is finally gone and flowers are starting to come through!

The cats are loving the fresh air coming through the open windows and all the sunny spots for hangouts.
I made a batch of lemon chip craisin biscotti. The lemon chips that the Bulk Barn sell are perfect for springtime cookies.
I also found some fabric scraps that I had hidden away in the closet. I'm so excited to use these for new projects since they're incredibly cute and summer-y.
I also found an amazing tea shop that my be my new obsession. This was a green honey milk tea and it was to die for.

I hope you're having a great Easter weekend. We're not doing much other than enjoying the sunny weather and spending some much needed time relaxing.

xo Jen

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