Cookies and Donuts

Leading up to Valentine's Day I made a couple of Valentine treats for Adam. First up was his request, butter spritz cookies. They always turn out adorable and the recipe I use makes a ton of them (close to 100 little cookies) but it's incredibly time consuming and a bit of a pain to load the cookie press. So I had Adam help me with them. We ended up using the last bit of dough to make some heart cookie cutter cookies too.

I of course went crazy decorating them with an icing sugar glaze and lots of sprinkles. These cookies are so good with a cup of coffee or tea. I definitely recommend giving spritz cookies a try with a cookie press.

Next up was a recipe I wanted to make. After having so much success with the donut recipe I used recently, I wanted to make some glazed donuts with sprinkles. On Sally's Baking Addiction she recommends double dipping the donuts into the glaze which gave a good thick coating to the donuts. I followed her recipe here.

Glaze Ingredients

1/4 cup milk
2 cups icing sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla


1. Combine glaze ingredients in a small pot over low heat.

2. Whisk until the glaze is smooth.

3. Drop each donut into glaze and place on wire rack. Once you've dipped all the donuts, dip them again starting from the first one.

4. Add sprinkles!

I absolutely love how they turned out. And they didn't last too long either since donuts for breakfast or dessert are hard to pass up.

With Valentine's Day over, I have my mind set on spring baking which definitely includes some Easter ideas. So get ready for Mini Eggs treats!

xo Jen

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