Christmas Cats

We put up our Christmas tree recently while listening to a Christmas mix CD. It was nice. As usual Seymore wanted to join in the fun. He jumps in the tree box as soon as we take the tree out. Then, once the tree is set up and we're fixing branches, he comes to join us. He hangs off the lower branches and uses other branches as swatting practice.

I caught him resting his head on a branch.

Once the ornaments are up, the tree is even more exciting for him.

This is one of my favourite ornaments we've bought for the tree. I put it high, high up to stay out of Seymore's reach.

Our finished tree! It looks nothing like this now, a couple of weeks later. Seymore has taken most of the ornaments off the lower half. So there's bare spots as we put ornaments back at a higher level.

I caught Logan hanging out under the tree the other night. I love that he has zero interest in the tree or ornaments. It's just a snuggly spot to hang out.

I have to admit that Seymore hasn't been quite as bad with the tree as previous years. But we still have a couple of weeks to go.

Are your pets interested in your Christmas decorations?
xo Jen

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