Up Here Murals

When we first moved to Sudbury I heard about a new festival starting up - Up Here. It was a festival to take place in August and would involve indie bands and muralists from around the world. I actually haven't had the chance to attend any events or concerts; typically because it lands right before Fan Expo and I'm lost in my own world of finishing up sewing projects at that point.

But I haven't ignored the murals either. I've seen a ton of them through instagram under the #UpHere hashtag. There are still quite a few murals I haven't found in person yet but everytime we go downtown I'm on the hunt for murals. It's like a game for me. 

These are the murals I've spotted since the summer:

Gorgeous, right? I'm so in love with them and how they make downtown more beautiful. I'll be sure to share any new murals I find during our downtown walks this winter.

xo Jen

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