Learning to Self-Care

The holiday season is upon us, winter is creeping up, and the real world has definitely been throwing some unexpected punches. It's time to practice self-care.

Until January my work will be insane. I'm working maximum hours each week and have been offered overtime more than once already. On top of that I have a list of a million things to do over the holiday season before Christmas hits. Then there's stress from real world problems, minor personal stresses, and trying to keep up with all my hobbies. I've turned into a giant ball of exhaustion and stress.

Up until last week I thought I could handle it all. Then I broke down. I can't. I'm human and I need to accept that I can't do a million things at once. So here I am writing down my self-care plan for the holiday season.

1. Take time outs.

Turn my phone off, shut out the real world news updates, and just zone out; read a book, put my headphones on to listen to music while I clean or fold laundry, or watch a good tv show without also working on something else.

2. Get more sleep during the night.

I'm sleep deprived. I never get enough. I go to bed late, have restless sleeps, and then struggle to get out of bed on time for work. I've already spent 4 days heading to bed earlier than normal and getting up at a reasonable time so that I don't sleep my morning away.

3. Learn to say 'no'.

I tend to say 'yes' to all plans and ideas that come my way. This holiday season needs to be simplified. Less unnecessary outings, less Christmas gifts (not to be cheap, but it's time to lessen the gift giving stress with some people), and not letting work take over my life.

4. Head outside.

Life is busy during the holiday months but I need fresh air, sunshine, and time to just have pointless conversations with Adam or to zone out with my music.

5. Eat better.

Hello sweets and fattening foods! That is what the winter months are for. But I need to balance out the rich foods and treats with more fruits and veggies. I've already started this and have been loading my lunch bag up with snap peas, sliced peppers, and all the fruits I can fit into my bag.


There's a lot more I've been consciously doing over the last few days; pampering myself with face masks, massaging lotion into my arms and hands before bed, using the computer less during the day, trying to not let work situations stress me out or follow me home, playing with the cats more.

Right now is an important time to step away from the madness of the world and find some positivity and happiness in your own little bubble. At least that's what I'm going to be trying to do so I can get through the holidays in one, happy piece.

xo Jen

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