To Do List: October

October is easily one of my favourite months out of the year. It means fall is in full-swing, the weather has cooled off, the trees are gorgeous colours, and two great holidays are during the month: Thanksgiving and Halloween.


I'm realizing the next major holiday (Christmas... shhhh...) is starting to creep into stores and in my mind. But I really, really want to enjoy October before getting into the next holiday. To do this I'm making a small to do list to get outside and enjoy all the best things about October.


October To Do List:

  • make all the pumpkin goodies (cookies, cake, loaves)
  • go for a few walks; walks downtown, along the boardwalk, and a hike in the conservation area
  • eat pumpkin pie and drink pumpkin spice lattes all month long
  • carve pumpkins
  • watch horror movies to get in the Halloween spirit
  • have a bonfire

What's on your to do list this month?
xo Jen

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