What I'm Loving Now

Honestly, life has been mainly work and sewing for me lately. The couple of weeks leading up to Fan Expo are always a blur of fabric scraps, thread, sore hands, and getting through my shifts at work thanks to caffeine. It's during this time that I long for September, when I can slow down a bit on sewing, snuggle up on the couch to watch shows starting up for the fall season, and spend some evenings relaxing.


The idea of fall is so incredibly appealing right now - the cool weather, layered clothing, pretty coloured leaves, pumpkins, bonfires. We've sat around so many bonfires this summer which is one of my favourite things but we have plans for some fall bonfires too. Afternoons and early evenings, layered in clothes, and using the fire to keep us warm (and the mosquitoes will be gone too!). I can't wait!


A friend introduced me to something wonderful last month - Dutch sprinkles. They are incredibly tasty and there's a wide range of flavours. I've tried dark chocolate and a fruity one, and both are so good. Now what you do with these sprinkles is add it to bread or toast. You put some butter on your bread and add your sprinkles. It turns your basic bread into a delicious slice of dessert. And it's perfectly acceptable to eat for breakfast! Seriously, find some Dutch sprinkles and try this out. I can't stop eating them.

What are you into this month?
xo Jen

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  1. I have to try this! Thanks. Need to grab some bread! And lots of options at the bulk barn for the Sprinkles!